Stake Out

Newly planted trees often require staking or some other system of guying to help stabilize them until the root system can properly establish and take over.  However, all too often the initial guying system is installed incorrectly and then left in place too long leading to damage ranging from cosmetic to downright fatal!

Not all new planting require staking.  The proper tree in the proper spot planted correctly usually is able to support itself from the get go.  This is often overlooked and support is added as a matter of course without proper consideration to the overall effects or needs.

Some new plantings do require supplementary support for a short time.  Properly installed tree supports should be taunt enough to stabilize the tree and prevent it from tipping.  There should be no tight, cinching connections around the trunk or branches.  The staking or guying system often need to be adjusted multiple times and should always be adjusted to suit the tree’s needs and the environment.

Eventually your new, healthy tree will be able to stand on its own and the staking and guys should be removed entirely.  If a tree is still unstable and/or tipping a year after planting, be sure to consult our ISA certified arborists on the best plan of action.  There may be extenuating health, site or environmental concerns to address.