It’s Time to Prune Your Oak Trees

It is time to prune your oaks! Starting July 1st through Jan 31st Integrity Tree Care will be happy to care for your red and live oaks to promote health, beauty, and vigor. This is the time frame recommended by the Texas Forestry Service and ISA Texas for red oaks and live oaks.

Most of the other common oak species in the area are more tolerant of oak wilt and pruning is possible year round. For maximum health of your oak trees, we may still recommend holding off on some red and live oaks pruning till January. If a red oak requires a lot of live foliage removed, this is best done late in the year to avoid sun scalding, for instance.

Regardless of the reasons or time of year, proper pruning techniques should be used. These techniques include making proper pruning cuts and avoiding injurious practices such as topping or excessive crown thinning.

Be sure to contact our ISA Certified arborists to schedule a review of your needs. Further information on oak wilt and proper care and avoidance can be found at: