Diagnosing Tree Disease

tree with diseaseWhen we think of diagnosing disease, we typically imagine a medical professional working with a human patient or even an animal. But all living organisms can contract disease, including trees! The path for treating tree diseases won’t follow our usual ideas for treatment, but rehabilitation and even ‘medicines’ are involved in the healing process to restore a tree to as good as new. To help you understand the process of diagnosing tree disease, we briefly walk through the basics here.

Trees can contract diseases from several different sources. Insects are often beneficial for plants, but they can become a danger when they bore their way into trees, suck away its nutrients, or chew their way through its substance. Treating disease from insects usually involves eradicating the infestation and restoring the tree to its former health with vitamins or special injections.

Infectious and non-infectious diseases can also plague trees. Infectious diseases are contacted from fungi and bacteria, while non-infectious diseases stem from environmental factors such as temperature variations and nutrient deficiency.

Professional Tree Care

Before you decide to simply chop down an ailing tree and eliminate this natural resource, let our experts provide you with a diagnosis and a treatment plan: our Certified Arborists are on call at 214-971-1618!