Cleaning Up Your Fall Leaves

fall leavesMany of us would agree that fall leaves are more pleasing to look at than they are to clean up. Here we have compiled a few tips to help you when that time does come, and where to turn if you discover your trees need maintenance after they have dropped their leaves.

Leaf Clean Up Pointers

  • Wait patiently to start cleaning. While it is irritating to see your yard become coated with leaves, try to wait until all the leaves have fallen before cleaning them up. Cleaning up leaves all in one effort instead of several times in smaller amounts will save you hours of precious time.
  • Clean up leaves when they are dry. Wet leaves are heavier than dry leaves, so cleaning up dry leaves will keep you from hauling unnecessarily heavy loads.
  • Wait until the wind calms down. Choose a day with low wind to clean up leaves. Wind will scatter your piles around and make cleaning more difficult. If you must work on a windy day, rake in the direction the wind is blowing so the wind can carry the leaves to one side.
  • Consider using motorized equipment. Mulchers and leaf blowers make clean up quick and easy, but raking and cleaning by hand is a great fall work out.

After your trees have dropped their leaves is the perfect opportunity to check for tree damage. If you notice fungi, errant branches, or other issues, call our team at 817-714-1777 for expert tree care!