Woodpeckers: What To Do

woodpeckerWoodpeckers are beautiful birds, but they can cause untold damage to anything they decide to peck on. Woodpecker holes open up your trees to potentially contract diseases or become infested with insects. Fortunately there are several ways to repel woodpeckers without harming the bird or your tree, and here we have detailed a few of these methods.

Tree Remedies

One of the simplest approaches to preventing woodpecker damage is to keep them from getting to your trees in the first place. If your area is known to host woodpeckers, taking these precautions may prove wise to protect your cherished trees. Bird netting is a common way to keep birds away from trunks. It is similar to soccer goal netting and is available in a variety of colors and thicknesses to naturally blend in with your trees. There are also special substances that can be applied to trees that are sticky enough to keep birds from returning but not so sticky as to harm it.

Woodpeckers are afraid of shiny objects, so hanging old CDs, small mirrors, and other similar objects in trees will keep them away. Special holographic tape has been designed that will repel birds while sticking to trees or other surfaces.

If you have a tree being plagued by woodpeckers or is otherwise unwell, call our arbor experts today at 214-971-1618!