Tree Diseases In The United States

Many different diseases exist that can ruin the health of your trees. Unless you qualify as an arborist, you probably can’t identify them on your own. We’ve got professionals to do that for us. However, we’ve listed here some common tree diseases in the United States to watch out for:

tree with disease





American Chestnut Blight:

This disease has almost completely wiped out the American Chestnut tree. As a fungus, it spreads by producing spores. No cure currently exists for it.

Amillaria Root Rot:

Another fungi, this disease occurs in almost every state in the US. It attaches to trees that have already experienced compromising factors (such as competition, severe climate, etc), killing them or making them susceptible to other fungi. Because this disease starts at the root, it often requires a professional to diagnose.


This disease presents itself most commonly as dead blotches on a tree’s leaves. It has attacked hardwood trees most prominently, causing damage in many urban environments.


If you should suspect that your home’s trees have gotten sick, call in a professional to inspect them. Here at Integrity Tree Care, we can happily do that for you. For more information, please give us a call at (817) 714-1777 or (214) 971-1618.