Vertical Mulching

cat1If you have a tree that is looking worn out or unhealthy, vertical mulching might be the solution it needs. 

Many of our customers are familiar with mulching trees and other landscape plantings. However, traditional mulch, laid on the surface, while providing benefits, does not get the much needed air and nutrients under the surface to the roots where it can do the most good.

Vertical mulching refers to the process of forming non-invasive holes down into the root zone of the tree. Specialized air tools allow this to be accomplished without harm to the roots.

Our technicians then gently fill the holes with a rich, organic mulch, which will help the tree get back to its flourishing state.

Integrity Tree Care is the company to call for top-quality vertical mulching service in Fort Worth, Dallas and the surrounding area. It’s an excellent way to get your trees back to optimum health, so contact us today to get started.

Top treatment for roots

integrity8Not only does vertical mulching deliver nutrient-rich ingredients to the roots, but it also helps aerate the soil a bit more. Compacted soil affects the health of your tree, so vertical mulching should be considered when trees are looking lackluster.

Other reasons to give your tree a vertical-mulching treat:

  • It takes care of damage that could be caused by excessive water.
  • It promotes natural aeration during wet periods, and when the weather is dry, it allows for sub-soil water penetration.
  • More of the smaller, feeder roots of your tree will be formed.

During vertical mulching, holes will be applied in the area underground called the “critical root zone.” A series of holes, about 18 inches deep and 3 inches wide, will be drilled at measured intervals around the tree. With the aid of the organic mulch that is used to fill the holes, your tree will start reaping the benefits. While it’s true that some trees have been essentially brought back to life from vertical mulching, it may take a while (even years) before you see a dramatic change.

Our team, which includes two certified arborists on staff, would be happy to talk to you about our expert vertical mulching service in Fort Worth or Dallas. We understand that the health of your tree matters to you, so contact us today for help!