Fertilization, at its root, is about making the growing conditions for your trees as productive and healthy as possible. The urban environment in which many trees grow can be deficient in the essential nutrients needed for growth and sustainability. Often these nutrients are used by lawns before the tree can process them. Fertilization adds back to the soil that which is naturally depleted throughout the course of growth or absent due to site concerns or restrictions. Essential minerals and other compounds, derived from animal and plant matter, form the basis of our fertilizer. Added to soil in prescribed amounts, it provides nourishment and sustainable energy to enhance health and vigor now and for many tomorrows to come. It is important to remember that tree fertilization is not a cure-all. Soil samples should be taken, drainage assessed, and non-sustainable, unstable growth that only looks good in the short term, but does nothing for longevity should be identified and corrected. By using natural compounds, Integrity Tree Care tries to avoid the leaching issues and toxic build ups that can be associated with some fertilizers. By working with nature, supplementing the materials nature would provide in an ideal situation, your trees and shrubs can be kept vibrant, healthy and looking good for years. Depending on fertilizer types there may be beneficial ingredients that are non-organic.